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IPLRC was pleased to present a Competition Obedience Workshop by Janice Gunn on April 8 & 9, 2017.

TNT Kennels

IPLRC and Greater Victoria Dog Obedience Training Club members worked together on Sunday evening, September 11, 2016 to sweep and power wash the floor of our training facility, the RCMP barn at the Saanichton Fair Grounds. The IPLRC and GVDOTC were more than happy to get the training facility ready for students and dogs for the start of fall classes.

Happy training everyone!

The 2nd Annual Charity Drive held on May 28, 2016, to support the Pet Food Bank at Our Place was a resounding success!
It's so heartwarming to see what two dog Clubs, Vancouver Island Dog Fanciers and IPLRC when working together to make a difference can accomplish! A huge Thank-you to the volunteers from the Island & Pacific Labrador Retriever Club who manned the booth on Saturday in the pouring rain and wind.

The support from everyone who donated so many wonderful items of food, toys, beds, leashes, collars, shampoo, brushes, water dishes and food bowls was overwhelming. THANK-YOU! All your kind donations are very much appreciated by the owners of pets in need. Your donations have been delivered to The Pet Food Bank at Our Place, and were so greatly appreciated!

Pictured from left, Elizabeth Jones, Vice President of the IPLRC, Sarah Byatt, Training Chair IPLRC, Liz Stagg (front) IPLRC Member, Kathy O'Dare, Charity Organizer VIDFA, Margaret Power, long time member of VIDFA & IPLRC and CKC Life Member, Charleen DeLong, President of the IPLRC, and Jenny Buchanan, IPLRC Member.


On Saturday, May 23rd, 2015, The Vancouver Island Dog Fancier's Association (VIDFA ) & The Island & Pacific Labrador Retriever Club worked together to support the Pet Food Bank at Our Place by accepting donations of food and pet accessories at VIDFA's Annual Dog Show held at the Saanichton Fair Grounds.
A big thank you to Kathy (VIDFA), Jessamine & Wendy (IPLRC) for spear heading the donation drive & helping throughout the day.
We were also very fortunate to have two delightful and enthusiastic young girls from our community volunteering with us. The girls drew the wonderful posters, accepted donations, helped deliver the items and helped to make the day so successful.
We thank them for their time and for their smiles!
Just some of the Items donated were bags of dog food, treats, food dishes, collars, leashes, crates, two bags of beautiful hand made crate mats & money, which was then used to purchase more items for the Food Bank.
Our community is made up of wonderful, caring people and we would like to thank everyone for the tremendous amount of support and the generous donations.
It was a privilege to work with VIDFA and a truly extraordinary experience seeing the generosity of the dog community and everyone coming together to help a worthy cause.

All donations were delivered to The Pet Food Bank at Our Place and were greatly appreciated.

At the May 2015 Vancouver Island Dog Fanciers Show held at the Saanichton Fairgrounds,
IPLRC held a Booster for Labradors on Saturday, May 23 , Judge Ms Honey Glendinning.
Prizes were offered for Best of Breed, Best of Opposite Sex, Best of Winners,
Best Puppy, Winners Dog, Winners Bitch, Best Veteran and Best Baby Puppy.

At the May 2015 Vancouver Island Dog Fanciers Show held at the Saanichton Fairgrounds, IPLRC offered an award in each trial for the highest qualifying score earned by a dog currently training at IPLRC by an IPLRC member at the Greater Victoria Dog Obedience Training Club's CKC Obedience and Rally Obedience Trials held on May 23 and 24.
Four Obedience and four Rally trials were held.

At the North Saanich Dog Obedience Training Club's CKC Obedience and Rally Obedience Trials held on April 18 & 19, 2015 at the RCMP Barn, Saanichton, BC,IPLRC offered a prize in each trial for the highest qualifying score earned by a dog trained at IPLRC by an IPLRC member.
Four Obedience and two Rally Obedience Trials were held.

At the North Saanich Dog Obedience Training Club and The Greater Victoria Dog Obedience Training Club's AIOC Obedience and Rally Obedience Trials  ( Mary Bates Memorial Trial)  held on March 28, 2015 at the RCMP Barn, Saanichton Fairgrounds, IPLRC  offered a prize in each trial for the highest qualifying score earned by a dog trained at IPLRC by an IPLRC member.
Two Obedience Trials and two Rally Obedience Trials were held.


Saturday, November 3, 2012 in Cobble Hill, BC.

Hunter received his first AIOC Utility pass with a score of 190.
Hunter was also High in Class!

Congratulations and well done John and Hunter!



Hunter was entered at the "seasoned" level of the
UKC Hunt Test put on by the Salt Chuck Hunting Retriever Club in Comox, BC, 
held August 25 - 26, 2012.

Hunter passed on Saturday and again on Sunday.

Four passes are required to earn a Title, so Hunter must
enter and pass two additional trials in order to complete this level.

Hunter was the only Spaniel entered in the Trial.

- click on the Thumbnail to see photos from the weekend -




Gainspride’s Hazelnut Taffy CD WC

"photo courtesy of Chantal Jacques"

June 19th, 2012

It has been an incredibly busy and rewarding spring for Taffy. At the GVDOTC Trial on May 27th, Taffy not only earned her CKC ‘CD’ title, but also a ‘High in Class’ award. On June 2nd at the IPLRC/Lakewood AIOC Trial Taffy achieved her AIOC ‘CD’ title.
Taffy earned her ‘Working Certificate’ (WC) on June 10th at The Pacific Rim Hunting Retriever Club CKC Licensed WC/WCI/WCX Test held at the Beaver Lake Ponds, Victoria B.C. We would like to acknowledge and thank all our Instructors for their patience and perseverance with special thanks to John Costello for providing not only his expert instruction, but also for providing the materials and an adequate supply of birds which enabled Taffy to master her basic retrieving skills. Also, we would be remiss if we did not take this opportunity to acknowledge and thank the Judges and volunteers who give so generously of their time to make these events possible.

Submitted by: Gloria MacLucas 





Ch Caorunn's Decurion CDX RE

Angus has qualified for his CKC RAE in Rally Obedience.

On June 10th, 2012 at the Pacific Rim Hunting Retriever
CKC Licensed WC/WCI/WCX Test held at Beaver Lake Ponds,
Victoria, BC,
Angus at age 11, earned his Working Certificate Title ( WC )

Angus is owned and loved by Anne and Duncan Morrison

( Caorunn )






John Costello & 
Maralan Bella for Chantal UD

John is the Field Instructor and Training Chair
For IPLRC. Thank You John!
We look forward to seeing you and Bella
"In The Field"

Bella's CKC registered name is Maralan Bella for Chantal UD.

Her passes at the Lakewood/IPLRC trials on June 2, 2012 were her 2nd & 3rd AIOC passes. She was high in class at both trials, although this was more a matter of "being the last one standing", as opposed to getting brilliant scores!

I'd like to thank IPLRC club members who helped Bella and I out, particularly Diane Smith, Vicky Gains and Gillian Anglin, all whom provided assistance and innovative advice during the past few years that Bella and I have participated in IPLRC classes. 

Bella was born Dec 7/04. I purchased her as a pup from MARALAN Kennel, a Victoria field trial kennel run by friend and fellow VIRCC member Al Herrington. The bitch was a BLF "Wiccan" (AFTCH, FC Wiccan of MARALAN).

The sire was "Gunner" (NFTCH, AFTCH, FC, AFC TNT's Mr. Peabody Prairiemarsh), John and Janice Gunn's YLM who had won the 2004 Cdn National Open.

Bella completed her CKC UD in the spring of 2010.

Although I purchased Bella primarily as a personal hunting dog, I originally intended to run CKC field/hunt events with her. Unfortunately, life got in the way! When she was a pup I was still living in the Fraser Valley and working long hours. After retiring, the move back to the island and a major home reno left little time for leisure activities. Bella and I had to prioritize our activities and we chose hunting - our mutual favourite!

In obedience Bella's biggest challenge was the "stand for examination" exercise in Open and the "moving stand" in Utility. Given her enthusiastic disposition, anticipating that someone was going to approach and pay attention to her, would cause her to wag her tail so furiously that she would almost throw herself out of position. Even if spectators and judges were not impressed with her precision, Bella's high energy approach to everything still brought smiles to faces. If "entertainment value" was awarded points we would have been HIT at every event we entered!

However, all of that energy does comes in handy in the field. Over the years Bella has retrieved countless geese, ducks, pheasants and grouse for me and, hopefully, we'll both have future hunting seasons to enjoy together.





San Joaquin Valley Labrador Retriever Club

Spring Specialty Shows
Turlock, California
Friday, March 16, 2012 -
Saturday, March, 17th, 2012

Friday, March 16
Judge: Ms. Nancy Arbuckle

          Hunt Club Labradors

BEST PUPPY - Oceanspray Belgairn Baby Grand

  Breeder: Carol E. Jones - Oceanspray Labradors, Victoria, BC, Canada          
    Owner: Ron and Jennifer Kelly - Belgairn Labrador Retrievers, California