Welcome to the Island and Pacific Labrador Retriever Club


2019 Specialty Show! 

Great judges, wonderful prizes and lots of good times!


Mrs Mac Percival, Wynfaul Labradors, North Yorkshire, UK 
will judge the Specialty Classes, Non Regular Classes and Baby Puppy

Mrs Katie Somers, Somersun Labradors, Quincy, Washington 
will judge Juvenille and Veteran Sweepstakes

Premium list is available at :





online entries: 


https://www.dogshow.ca/en/2366?club=Island-and-Pacific- Labrador-Retriever-Club


IPLRC will be holding a Booster in conjunction with Fraser Valley Dog Fanciers, Sunday, October, 13, 2019
Rosettes and Prizes will be offered for the following Awards:
Best of Breed, Best of Opposite Sex, Best Puppy, 
Winners Male, Winners Female

IPLRC will be offering a prize in conjunction with Fraser Valley Dog Fanciers for Highest Scoring Labrador in Obedience, Saturday, October 12, 2019

This Specialty will be held in conjunction with the Fraser Valley Dog Fanciers All Breed Show October 11 - 14, 2019.

The BC Labrador Retriever Club will also be holding a Specialty on Sunday, October 13.
Judge: Joyce Love, Rickway Kennel

The large indoor Chilliwack show site is conveniently located, a half an hour drive from both the Abbotsford International Airport and the Sumas border crossing to the US.



We have put this website together to provide information to our Members and anyone else interested in the Wonderful World of the Labrador Retriever.
We hope you enjoy our site!

On these pages you will find information about our Constitution, All Breed Obedience & Rally Classes, Conformation Events, Registered Labrador Breeders and all activities carried out by Island and Pacific Labrador Retriever Club Members and Our Labradors.

Elizabeth Jones



PRESIDENT - Charleen Delong
VICE-PRESIDENT - Elizabeth Jones
SECRETARY - Wendy Yzenbrandt
TREASURER - Wendy Yzenbrandt
SHOW CHAIR - Carol Jones

AIOC REP - Gillian Anglin

DIRECTOR - John Costello
DIRECTOR - Vicky Gains
DIRECTOR - Carol Jones - 
 DIRECTOR- Anne Morrison
DIRECTOR - Jessamine Thornbury - DIRECTOR - Colleen Doll


It has been a successful few years for our club with some great events being held.
Our Wednesday morning obedience classes are well organized and continue to grow each session with eager students.
We look forward each year to holding our Annual IPLRC Labrador Specialty Show and Sweepstakes. It is so worth all the time and effort to put on the Specialty when we see the smiles on exhibitors faces, the beautiful Labradors being shown and hearing the compliments from everyone who attends the Specialty.
Thank you for supporting IPLRC!
IPLRC is a small club but we have wonderful members and friends who work well together.
A warm Welcome to new members!
IPLRC looks forward to further growth for the club and to bringing future events for all to enjoy!

We are in a great place for the club!

  ~ Registration for our 2019 Fall Session of All Breed Obedience and Rally Obedience Classes is now taking place! ~

                       Please contact our Training Chair Sarah @

to register and for more information

~ more detailed information is available on our Classes Page ~

Labrador Puppies!
Are you looking for a Labrador Puppy?

We have puppies available from our Responsible and Reputable Breeders. 
Health tested registered parents for generations.
IPLRC will not advertise puppies!
We would be very happy to give you referrals to breeders.
Most of our breeders will have wait lists.
Sometimes breeders are in the position that they have had exceptionally large healthy litters and puppies will be available.
PLEASE do not impluse buy a labrador from the newspaper or a fancy internet website.
Educate yourself and research the Labrador breed.
Ask many, many questions!
The Breeders on this website are happy to be contacted to speak with you about Labradors.
They will refer you to other reputable and ethical breeders if they do not have the puppy available that you are looking for.

Please send us an email if you are interested in more information or contact the breeders on our Breeder Directory page.


The Island & Pacific Labrador Retriever Club, also known as IPLRC,
is located in Victoria, BC, Canada on Beautiful Vancouver Island.

Our members are active in Obedience, Rally, Conformation and Retrieving Work.

  The IPLRC offers All Breed Obedience and Rally Classes

Photos of Breeds other than Labradors on this website are owned and loved by members and students.

See Classes for more information and updates
photo courtesy of
Chantal Jacques
Thank You Island & Pacific Labrador Retriever Club members for your dedication and commitment to Our Club.

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